MOST COMMON THAI VERBS | 300 Sentences + Audio | Book 1 (1-60)

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With my 6 years working as a Thai teacher, I always focus on learning verbs. Verbs are the most important building block of a sentence.

English language concepts of how the verbs are used, verbs placement in a sentence, and sentence construction are many times different from Thai. So if you use the English concept to speak Thai, it might come out incorrect, or you might not be understood. This is why I also emphasize on memorizing verbs with context.

**** Every verb in this book has been chosen carefully by me to reflect verbs that are most frequently used in the Thai language.****


This book has the 60 most commonly used verbs in Thai with 300 example sentences, each with audio. All the sentences are natural-spoken Thai. So don't be afraid to memorize and use them right away!


  1. For very beginners:

If you are just starting with Thai, going through the verbs one by one and memorizing the main example sentence will be a good idea. Words should always be memorized with context (not just the word and its definition) to avoid using them incorrectly. To help you with this, I created an Anki deck that contains the main verb on one side and the main sentence on the other side.

  1. For people that know some Thai:

If you already know some Thai, you will benefit by using this book as a tool to practice listening and learning from 300 example sentences. You can "shadow" (imitate) the audio and learn all 5 example sentences for each verb. Learning the example sentences will help you be able to use verbs that you know more naturally and understand them in different contexts. I break down every sentence to help you easily find out words that you don't understand.

What is the level

Beginner - Lower intermediate Thai learners

What is included in this E-Book:

  • 60 most commonly used verbs
  • 300 total natural-spoken sentences
  • Audios for every verb and sentence
  • Sentence breakdown - word by word
  • English, Thai, and Transliteration for every sentence
  • Anki deck with the verb and main sentence

About the teacher

My name is Grace. I'm from Thailand and I am a polyglot, language learner, and Thai teacher. I teach Thai on youtube ( and I also have a channel with tips on how to learn languages (

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You'll get an E-Book with 60 Thai verbs you should know. Each word contains 6 sentences with word by word breakdown and audios for each sentence.

60 verbs
300 useful sentences
Audios for each Sentence
Word by Word breakdown
English, Thai, and Transliteration
Anki deck

MOST COMMON THAI VERBS | 300 Sentences + Audio | Book 1 (1-60)

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