Learning Thai through Thai #1 (Intermediate-advanced)

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I am making a few updates and will republish this shortly! (Check back in August)

Are you ready to break your English to Thai translation mindset?

Can you already understand most of the words? But teachers keep explaining everything in English?

Through these audios, I will teach you THAI THROUGH THAI. 

What you will get:

You will get 6 audios (~6 minutes each audio).

 Each Audio is accompanied by

✔  An extra vocabulary audio (each vocabulary audio is ~20 minutes) with examples of key vocabulary (ALL EXPLAINED IN THAI)

✔  The transcript in Thai writing, English, and transliteration

Different topics include:

The Weekend, Bangkok, Life in the city, One day in my Life, Technology, Finland vs Thailand.

Who Is It For?

These audios are for intermediate-advanced Thai students who can already understand some spoken Thai and want to challenge themselves by listening to Thai Audios and ALL THAI EXPLANATION in order to get rid of the English to Thai mindset.

The audios accompanied by the transcripts are perfect for practice listening material.


Accomplished Thai Polyglot, Language Learner, and Teacher - Grace S

Reviews from students on Italki:

"Grace always gives awesome lessons where conversation in Thai is the main focus. I feel like I'm learning very quickly with her help! Would highly recommend working with her!"

- Christophe

"Grace is a wonderful teacher! She is very supportive and gets you speaking straight away. As a (very accomplished) language learner herself she really knows how to get things clicking and making sentences. I have found that I have rapidly improved with her help. Thanks Grace!"

- Josh

Risk-Free Purchase

14-day money-back guarantee!

If you aren’t satisfied, send an email to grace@thaiwithgrace.com within 14 days. I will refund you no questions asked.

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Learn Thai through Thai - Audios for Intermediate students.

6 Main Audios
~6 minutes each
6 Vocabulary Audios
~ 20 minutes each
Thai, English, Transliteration
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Learning Thai through Thai #1 (Intermediate-advanced)

0 ratings